Competencies are individual behaviors that are observable, measurable and positively correlated with successful outcomes. They are the behaviors that are demonstrated by excellent performers more often and with better results than average performers.




Talent Strategy Partners has compiled a competency database of over 50 competency models developed for clients. This valuable resource provides benchmarks to guide clients' competency model development.

How we create competency models

All Talent Strategy Partners' competency models are tailored to your organization through a thorough but efficient study of the business strategy, the factors that make the organization effective and the culture, typically using Culture Engine™. Culture Engine, among its many results, suggests the competencies that are key drivers of business performance. Our other research techniques – behavioral event interviews or BEIs, expert panels and validation surveys – produce the data to customize the competencies and behavioral examples for your organization.

BEIs, the foundation of many of the competencies in TSP’s database, are the most powerful data source. They go beyond incumbents’ perceptions of what they do to what they actually do that leads to success.

We use expert panels as an alternative or as a supplement to BEIs. A panel is comprised of subject matter experts who know the roles in their organization and what constitutes superior performance in each role.

TSP uses validation surveys, typically administered to job incumbents, to test competencies for relevancy and importance to successful performance. The surveys help expand data for finalizing competency models.

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