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Business Results through Culture

A robust model for assessing organization effectiveness is the Competing Values Framework. Based on over 30 years of research, it has been named one of the 50 most important models in the history of business for its ability to predict the type of culture needed to make organizations effective and drive desired business results. Talent Strategy Partners has modeled its web-based technology Culture Engine™ on the Competing Values Framework. This powerful organization assessment, combined with our expertise in managing culture change and sustainability, also facilitates strategic goal setting and planning coordinated action to execute against the goals.

Performance Management

Why should any organization care about performance management? After all, performance appraisals are the bane of nearly every manager’s existence and employees dread them.

Companies should care about performance management because it's an effective – probably the most effective tool – for driving strategy execution. Rick McKnight, a principal of McKnight-Kaney LLC and co-author of Leading Strategy Execution, says, "The leader’s job goes far beyond telling. If you want your employees to think and act strategically, you have to help them grasp the implications of the company's strategy for their own work." Rick cites a 2006 cross-industry study by David Kaplan and Robert Norton, authors of The Balanced Scorecard. In the study, Kaplan and Norton found more than 90 percent of employees did not understand the strategy of their company.

Performance management, done well, is the best way for a leader to communicate company strategy to employees and to link employees’ expected results to the strategy. Talent Strategy Partners designed BC Performance Connector™ (BCP) to help organizations do performance management well. Built on Culture Engine™ technology, BCP is a specialized application developed to guide the design of culturally-aligned performance management programs that propel business success. It combines the power of Culture Engine with Talent Strategy Partners' years of expertise in connecting business strategy and culture to drive performance.

Talent Management

An effective talent management strategy must encompass the entire employee life cycle – from recruitment through onboarding, developing, managing and rewarding. At Talent Strategy Partners we think all the elements of talent management must be connected, and that the most powerful integration tool is competencies. We have created over 50 behaviorally-based competency models for clients and have helped them integrate the behaviors into interview guides, training workshops, development action guides, assessment instruments, and into key programs like succession management, performance management and rewards. Our competency database allows us to rapidly prototype a competency model that can then be customized to the needs of the client organization.

Leadership Development

Technological changes, economic issues and globalization are just a few of the major issues driving a worldwide war for leadership talent. The problem, according to Ram Charan, Steve Drotter and Jim Noel (The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership-Powered Company), is that there is a limited supply of "full-performing" leaders. They contend that what is needed " an approach that will allow organizations to keep their own leadership pipelines full and flowing."

Talent Strategy Partners helps organizations ensure robust leadership pipelines, getting the right balance between buying leadership talent from the outside and building it from within. It begins with an assessment of the technical skills, career aspirations and leadership competencies of a broad internal leadership talent pool to determine bench strength and identify gaps that may have to be filled through recruiting. Talent Strategy Partners helps clients develop leadership competency models tailored precisely to the needs of the organization and, with partner Learning Bridge, conducts multi-rater competency assessments.

We also work with clients to create workable succession planning processes, as well as leadership development programs to ensure that succession candidates are prepared to move into the roles identified for them during succession planning.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Integration

"Look behind any disastrous deal [merger or acquisition] and the same word keeps popping up: culture.... Culture permeates a company, and differences can poison any collaboration." (After the deal. New York: The Economist print edition, January 7, 1999.)

At Talent Strategy Partners, we are concerned about the impact of culture clashes on business integrations. Our propriety diagnostic software, Culture Engine™, provides profiles of both cultures – identifying similarities to leverage and differences that pose potential barriers to success. These data and our experience allow us to suggest actions to markedly increase the probability of creating an effective combined organization.

New Venture Success

"The reality is that culture is a business issue that has significant impact on a venture's ability to generate a return on investment and should be prioritized and measured just like other business objectives such as financial growth, product development, sales, marketing and the like." – Liz Brashears, Director of Human Capital Consulting at TriNet in Issue 28 of VCR, Venture Capital Review, published by National Venture Capital Association (Arlington, VA) and Ernst & Young LLP.

Talent Strategy Partners provides a unique web-based tool, Culture Engine™, to set goals and metrics to drive the creation of a culture that will best support the financial growth, product development, sales, marketing and other business objectives of a new venture. Based on The Competing Values Framework, one of the 50 most important models in the history of business, Culture Engine predicts the type of culture needed to make organizations effective and drive desired business results.

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