Your leadership team can’t achieve the organization’s goals. That takes the concerted effort of every employee. With our online BCPerformance Connector you are guided through the design of performance management that drives the entire organization in one direction and becomes a catalyst for organizational effectiveness.

BCPerformance Connector combines the power of Culture Engine™ with Talent Strategy Partners’ years of expertise in performance management to align employees’ goals and behaviors with the business strategy and culture. The design, in workbook form, speeds up internal design team discussions and reduces consultant involvement. It’s do-it-yourself with help.

The end product? The right results achieved the right way.

Schelling Point’s Alignment Optimization Technology™

As a leader you understand that there is a direct connection between a group’s degree of alignment and that group’s level of performance. Talent Strategy Partners, a SchellingPoint partner, helps your leaders measure and maximize alignment.

Named after Professor Thomas Schelling, 2005 Nobel Prize recipient, a Schelling point is “that which gives a group of like-minded individuals their common purpose.” Groups with strong Schelling points are able to “coordinate their actions with minimal communication.”

As the first ever to apply science to alignment, SchellingPoint’s web-based software and proven alignment methods empower you to leverage existing alignment, create new alignment and eliminate misalignment. Finally, an analytical approach to alignment that yields quantifiable results beyond human limitations.

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