Your culture impacts the performance of a company, but understanding the culture and decoding its effects is not cut-and-dried.

We meet with you first to best understand your opportunities and concerns before we conduct a culture assessment and analysis. We customize our proprietary technology Culture EngineTM by talking with individual leaders to learn their perspectives on the current state of their organization, their long- and short-term goals, perceived obstacles to success and potential unintended consequences. In this way, we merge client knowledge with our tools and professional expertise to expeditiously deliver results that are truly unique to the client.


  • Translating business strategy into easily understood organizational effectiveness factors
  • Analyzing current and desired culture
  • Identifying and validating barriers and concerns that slow or prevent positive change


  • Pinpointing areas where leaders are not aligned on the strategy; bringing leadership teams into better alignment through focused discussions
  • Strategies for moving toward the desired organization culture for better business performance
  • Identifying core, individual contributor, and leadership competencies to maintain or migrate toward a desired culture


Talent management is not just about anticipating and planning for your organization's human capital needs, it sends messages to people in your company about what’s important. In other words, talent management practices speak volumes about your culture. We know that the very best talent management program designs will not fly unless they are based in the reality of the organization’s current culture and desired culture. That is why we “meet the client where they are.” Our talent management solutions are uniquely designed in collaboration with the client and incorporate our knowledge of practices that will best support the organization’s culture.


Succession management

Leadership development

Employee and manager development

Performance management

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If talent management programs send the wrong messages or and/or send inconsistent messages, an organization misses the opportunity to get people moving to the beat of the same drum. Our focus is on designing selection, development and performance management applications and tools anchored and integrated by competencies.

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