You need to create a culture that ensures you will meet your business goals. We help you make that happen with expertise in aligning culture with business strategy and talent management practices.

You should expect your engagements with us to be:

With the knowledge, capability and methodology to define current and desired organizational culture, we can help you create culturally aligned:

If the idea of having a robust culture, deliberately created to support your business strategy, appeals to you... it's time to talk to us.


TSP was founded in 2001 on two guiding principles:

To CHART a company's long-term success by discovering and reinforcing existing corporate culture strengths and helping to change cultural norms that have impeded corporate performance.

To PARTNER with the client throughout this exploration, sleeves rolled up, until the organization has a game plan to create a robust culture that supports the business strategy.



Carol Mitchell, Ph.D

Carol Mitchell, Ph.D
Founding Principal

A co-founder of Talent Strategy Partners, Carol’s expertise is the backbone of every engagement as she leverages her extensive grounding in behavioral competency modeling, leadership development and organizational culture. An accomplished researcher in gender differences in leadership and trained by leading competency modeling practitioners, Carol has developed over 50 competency models used to assess and develop both men and women in all industries.

While she has extensive experience with technology-driven companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare fields, Carol works comfortably across all industries. Prior to co-founding TSP, Carol was a principal at Mercer Human Resource Consulting. There she became interested in the connection between culture and effective performance and partnered with Pat Schaeffer to address the gap and launch TSP.

Carol began her career as a research scientist in the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries. She was intrigued by what differentiated career success for scientists in industry, which led her to graduate work in psychology and then positions in human resources at DuPont Merck. She later spent time as a consultant at the Hay Group before moving to Mercer.

Carol has a PhD in organization behavior and an MS in psychological services and counseling psychology from University of Pennsylvania, as well as a BS in microbiology from Rutgers University. She has served on the board of the Healthcare Business Women’s Association as Director for the Mid-Atlantic Mentor Program and Women in Science.

Warm weather and swimming enthusiasts, Carol and her family are "honorary residents" of Hawaii, spending much of their time-off over the last 20 years in Kona. Carol is an avid Phillies fan, in good times and bad, and closely follows the Grand Slam tennis tournaments every year.


Patricia Schaeffer

Patricia Schaeffer
Founding Principal

As a co-founder of Talent Strategy Partners, Pat leverages her passion and expertise on the human aspects of change management. Known for her capacity to read a room and build a consensus, Pat facilitates the development of targeted programs to gain employee buy-in and create business goal ownership. Her ability to effectively guide organization effectiveness initiatives gets high marks from team members and management alike.

Formally trained as a group facilitator, through both Synectics and the Creative Problem Solving Group, Pat has extensive experience articulating and aligning employee skills with executive visions. With perception, conviction and humor, her highly-focused approach ensures that client initiatives are engaging, implementable and successful.

Patʼs varied human resources career has honed her skills in many areas. From compensation analyst with Sibson & Company, to North American director of compensation at Campbell Soup Company and principal in the Performance and Rewards practice at Mercer Human Resource Consulting, she has tackled HR challenges at every level.

Pat has served as President of PEBA, the Pennsylvania/New Jersey/Delaware region’s premier professional compensation and benefits association. She is a former board member and program co-chair for the Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy. She is also actively involved with GPSEG (Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group), where she takes great satisfaction in helping others make connections and network to further their careers and businesses. She is a frequent speaker and workshop leader on aligning culture and business strategy. The Reinvestment Fund of Philadelphia gave her an award for her design work on their new performance management program. She holds a BA in biology from Millersville University.

Never tiring of their favorite places in the mountains of western US and Canada and in Grenada, West Indies, Pat and her husband David enjoy hiking and taking time to appreciate nature, as well as to support local culture and people, in their travels. Pat is a New York Times crossword puzzle master (at least for the Monday through Wednesday editions), and is an NPR junkie and a voracious reader.

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